Will Video Tutorials Explode Your Business?

Website promotion used to be a simple process before all the Web 2.0 processes exploded audio and video across the Internet. In what seemed like overnight, sales pages expanded their horizons until audio and video promotions became standard on thousands of websites.

While mixing your marketing focus is always a good idea, video tutorials are making an unstoppable impact on what used to be a text based search and find process. There’s a couple of major benefits to both you and your customers that should not be ignored or taken for granted when you are considering promoting with videos.

Tutorials have long been popular with those looking for instruction or steps to do something. Video tutorials have become one of the hottest online attractions in a flood of information processing techniques. What’s that mean to you? Let me explain.

Downloadable ebooks took the Internet by storm several years ago and created virtual home industries for creating and selling them. They were a Godsend to those searching for information on niche topics or quick solutions to problems. The shortcoming with ebooks, though, was their text base, requiring reading sessions, either on monitors or after printing 40-60 pages. Thousands bought them, but few followed through and actually read them.

Video tutorials have displaced some ebooks and are taking the Internet Marketing scene by storm. There’s two main benefits to consider carefully before you dismiss videos as valuable promotion tools that will increase your sales page conversions considerably.

For your customers, video tutorials fill the need for your readers who need one of the three different types of stimulation to absorb your message. The videos are heaven-made for visual learners or readers. You don’t have to paint pictures with words to get their attention…just show them. Make your presentation come alive with examples of what you are talking about.

Auditory readers need to hear your message in order to understand and be stimulated to provide the response you want. Make your presentations interesting by letting your own passion for your topic shine through your voice. Use a conversational tone to explain the process or product you are promoting. Don’t skip steps in your verbal presentation, thinking your audience will get it from the bulleted list you are showing on the video. Your auditory readers will not get it.

The tactile readers in your audience need to touch and feel what they are expected to learn. While this might be difficult in your video presentation, there are solutions that will fill the gap for you. A simple solution would be with your choice of words. Use action words that can reach their emotions with tangible perceptions, like “Do you feel…?” “Take your customers by the hand and show them…” or “Get a notepad and write this down!” You might want to consider offering a downloadable short report for those who want to hold something real in their hands.

For you, the Internet Marketer, video tutorials are easy to make with any of the popular video creation software packages available. You don’t need a studio or fancy equipment to do a good job promoting your own business. Your costs would be minimal for a very powerful effect on your conversion rate, way cheaper than what you can spend on AdWords.

But, the best reason for using video tutorials has been saved for the last. Your videos can be uploaded to almost any of the social bookmarking sites, like YouTube, and get spread across the globe in a very short time. Viral marketing is a proven business booster and videos on any subject that get downloaded and uploaded all day long are definitely viral.

They also can reach millions of viewers every day. What’s not to like?