The Benefits Offered By Golf Training Ebook Reviews

The main purpose of golf training ebook reviews is to offer the reader a comprehensive insight into the various golf training ebooks available on the Internet. Every golf training ebook has something different to offer in it’s approach to a system. Some will offer tips and techniques of swinging, chipping and putting while others concentrate on golf fitness training or the mental approach to the game.

The benefits of golf training ebook reviews are many and varied. Firstly, they offer readers the opportunity to assess the potential of a cross section of the most popular golf training ebooks, and highlight the features and strengths of each product. This is extremely useful for any golfing enthusiast who is seeking to improve his/her game and looking for some quality golf training advice. Deciding which of the plethora of available golf training ebooks would be more likely to provide the most useful tips and techniques to raise the level of his/her play, can be a daunting task, and perusing through golf training ebook reviews can help in making the correct decision.

As these golf training ebooks typically offer advice on different aspects of how to play better golf, the reader should first identify the part of his/her game that requires the most improvement. By referring to the golf training ebook reviews, they are then able to narrow their search to the golf training ebooks offering the most relevant help and advice. Visiting the product sales page will soon present a clearer picture of the one golf training ebook containing the tips and techniques the reader will need to improve his/her golf game.

Of course, there are so called ‘review sites’ that simply copy and paste information from the product sales page, maybe altering a word or two here and there and the review reads much like an advertisement for that particular product. This type of golf training ebook review will offer you nothing in the way of credible viewpoint. A good golf training ebook web site will be constructed by those who have obtained copies of each of the golf training ebooks to be reviewed, and actually put into practice the systems described and noted the effects of the techniques taught in each ebook.

Apart from highlighting the actual content described in the various golf training ebooks, a good review will also offer comments on many other strong points of each product, for example, how easy the system is to follow, whether the tutorial offers step-by-step instruction, if the training tips are accompanied by sketches, diagrams and illustrations and whether the product is backed by a 100% guarantee with a full refund if the system fails to make a difference.

Reviews of ebooks in general will often make a point of mentioning the number of pages which go to make up the complete publication. Although interesting to know, this information typically has little bearing on the usefulness of the content. For example, a golf training ebook with as little as 24 pages can often teach you techniques that will slice 7 or 8 shots off your score card, whereas a 96 page similarly presented golf training ebook may describe a system in greater detail that will only cut your score by 3 or 4 shots. The number of pages in an ebook tutorial is irrelevant!

Another obvious benefit of reading golf training ebook reviews is that the review sites often contain full listings of all the golf training ebooks available on the Internet, which saves the reader the trouble of searching for themselves. The web site reviewer/owner has already done the work of finding the products and they are now all listed together which makes it far easier for the reader to make instant comparisons of the various products.

So for those golfing enthusiasts who are searching for quality golf training ebooks in an effort to lower their scores, they would be well advised to find and make use of the information offered by a golf training ebook reviews web site, which will point them in the direction of the right tutorials to suit their personal needs, instead of investing in a product that either fails to cover the particular aspect of golf that interests them, or worse still, teaches nothing they didn’t already know!

Trevor Taylor

How to Create an Ebook Cover

What I’d like to cover today is how to make an eBook cover. There are a number of services that will do this for you and the cost varies depending on the service. If you chose to go this route then you’ll obviously want to see their work and figure out if you can work with them. Look for feedback from their clients. You’ll want to make sure that they will continue to tweak your design until you’re happy. A great place to find these graphic designers is  

If you have a little bit of design talent and know how to use a graphics program, then there are some great software solutions out there for you. Once again, the cost varies depending on the capabilities of the program. Most of them give you a free trial period in which time you can probably get most of the eBook covers you need completed. The problem for most people is that they really have no design talent and don’t want to spend the effort learning how to use a graphics program. That’s where this tutorial comes in.  

What I’m about to show you is how you can create an awesome looking eBook cover with little to no design ability. No, it’s not a magic trick or hypnosis, just simple step by step instructions. The best part about the whole thing is that you will be using only free tools available on the internet. I will show you exactly how to get them, how to install them, and how to use them. If you don’t want to read how to do all of this you can watch the free video tutorials and download all the free programs. Let’s get on with the tutorial.  

Step 1. Get Your Tools.  

The first tool I want you to download is This is a free program that acts very similar to Photoshop from Adobe. In fact, it has some very useful features that Photoshop unfortunately doesn’t have. The next tools you want to get are some plug-ins for Since is an open source program, it doesn’t come with all of the features we need. Some great programmers out there have developed plug-ins to do the things that we need. The first one is the oblique tool. This allows us to create angles for our graphics and give us a 3-D feel. The next tool is the reflection plug-in. This gives a nice professional look to the cover. The final plug-in is the drop shadow effect. This is optional and I show you in the videos how to get around using this plug-in.  

Step 2. Installing The Tools.  

Once you’ve downloaded go ahead and use the defaults to install it. Once is installed you’ll need to install the plug-ins. Click on your computer icon and select Program Files then select Paint.NET then effects. This is where you’ll extract the plug-ins from their zipped files to. It should look like this C:/Program Files/Paint.NET/effects.  

Step 3. Getting The Templates

Now you have all of the tools you’ll need some eBook cover templates. There are a few sites that you can use and download the files for free ebook2u and ebooktemplatesource are good places to start. Pick a cover style you like and save it to your computer.

Step 4. Finding Graphics

If you have an idea of what you want your cover to look like then you should be able to find those images on the internet. Make sure they are not licensed and are free to use. Once you have a few images you can play with them to see which ones you like.  

Step 5. Building Your Cover Graphic  

Open up Paint.NET and create a new project. Decide what graphics to use and open them up. Copy your graphics and paste them into a new layer on your new project. You can move the graphics around until you like the position of them. Each time you add another image, text, or shape make sure you use a new layer. Next, create a new layer and click on the text tool to the left. Pick the font, size, and style you want and start typing. You can move this around to your liking. If you don’t like the way the text looks try a different font, style etc. If you still don’t like the way it looks go to and you can create your own text image and use that. Once you’ve played around with the layers, graphics, and text and come up with something to your liking it’s time to create the eBook cover.

Step 6. Creating The eBook Cover  

Open the file of the book template you liked. Use the magic wand on the left and click the book cover. It should select the section that you want to change the color of. If not change the Tolerance on the menu bar and keep trying until you get the correct selection. Select the Paint Bucket on the left and fill with the color you want the background to be. If you can’t find the colors to select they are on the Window menu and select Colors.   Copy your cover creation and paste into a new layer on that template. Now you need to resize the image to fit on the cover. As you can see the shapes don’t match. This is where you need to use the oblique plug-in you’ve installed. Click on Effects then Distort to select the Oblique tool. Adjust the angle to fit the shape of your cover. 

Move it and resize until it looks good.  

If your okay with the spine the way it is great, if not the you’ll need to create a new project and then paste that into a new layer and rotate it, resize it, and move it into position.   When you’re happy with the style of the eBook cover it’s time to create the effects to get that professional look. Select the layer that contains the image you’ve created. Go to Effects and select Reflection and play around with it until you like what you see. Next, select the eBook cover template layer. Go to Effects, Stylize and select the Drop Shadow. Play around with it and see if you like the effect.

Benefits of Video Computer Tutorials Over Written Ebook Tutorials

The learning curve for computer software has often been solely dependent on the ease of use from the software’s interface. In the past with bad interfaces we have spent too long reading through manuals that come with the product to find out how to do a certain function. In order to get improved learning speed, some companies have developed their own products that teach users how to use certain products, these could be e-books or even real books for people to use. The problem with these are, they tend to be hard to follow and the user might get lost in the content if it is using too many technical terms otherwise known as technical jargon. With the introduction of online communities like ehow and YouTube, video tutorials have become the future of learning, especially with applications and websites that need a step by step computer tutorial to explain the ways in which to use it. There are many benefits to video computer tutorials over normal written tutorials and this article will endeavour to explain those differences, so that you can decide which style suits your personality best.

Computer tutorials that are created using screen capture software are often extremely beneficial to people because they show a working version of the system and users can relate what the video is showing, to what they are physically seeing. This is beneficial to users who are not as technically minded as others. Often books or literature will use technical jargon as they assume that the reader is adept in knowledge on a specific topic. This is a major problem which is solved by the use of computer tutorials, if in the event that you find yourself stuck in an eBook trying to work out exactly what it is asking you to perform, its best that you take a look at online tutorials. Whilst being able to see exactly how to perform steps, the person giving the video computer tutorial can also give extra hints and tips along the way that will benefit you and will give more benefits over written tutorials as this is not possible in that format.

In summary online computer tutorials offer many benefits including the benefit of being able to show the student exactly what they need to see without having to get to technical. Too often the message is lost to the user of the book as the reader is far more advanced in the topic and fails to consider the level of the reader properly.

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